South Bend Birth and Newborn Fresh 48 Photography - Lets Talk About the "C-Word"

Caesarean. C-Section. Surgery. 

This topic is so very important. So many women think that birth photography or even Fresh 48 sessions aren't for them if they are getting the dreaded "c-word" and I want to just clear one thing up: That. Is. Not. True. C-Section births are just as beautiful as "natural" births. Birth is birth is birth.

I bring this up for many reasons. First, because there is a stigma. For some reason, some people see caesareans as a weak way out or not a "real" birth. But I challenge this thinking in every way! These moms and moms-to-be had to make a seriously hard decision, often in the heat of a very scary moment, to do what is best for their babies. I'd dare to assume that no one stops and thinks, "Gee, I think I will opt for major abdominal surgery that leaves me bed ridden for twice as long as vaginal delivery and in pain and/or discomfort for months after my baby is born." It is not a decision that is ever made lightly. I speak from experience.

C-Sections are absolutely beautiful. The strength shown by the parents, the graceful and skilled dance that the nurses and surgeons do that brings a beautiful new life into the world - its all incredible. So if you are a c-section momma and you want birth photos or a fresh 48 session (or both), don't hesitate. This is your story and it is one to be proud of. Don't let it go untold. 

IV's, needles, stitches and staples can't hold back the beauty of a fresh c-section mom and baby.