Work on the Weakness - Michiana Documentary / Storytelling Photographer

As a former teacher and a parent (and a perfectionist), I am a firm believer in working on your weaknesses...THROUGH your strengths. That's right; use your strengths to help gain ground on your weaker areas. In life, we so often concentrate on perfecting our weaknesses by concentrating on them - harping, stressing, and eventually growing really frustrated with them. In all reality, this is a terrible way to get better at something! Think about it: why do diets often fail? Because clearly food and/or exercise is a weakness that we harp on, try and make drastic, unfamiliar changes, only to realize "this stinks" and quit. But what happens when you realize that you really, truly enjoy dancing and music? Ah ha! Use dance to workout. Suddenly, you're much more successful. 

Anyhow, beyond that ramble, I realize I still have many weaknesses in photography and plenty of room to grow! I don't think this is something that will ever change. I will always have room to get better and improve. So this week, I am focusing on two areas that I struggle with: portraits and detail shots. Rather than forcing myself to set up the perfect posed photos (which would be the equivalent to working on my weakness by harping on my weakness), I am going to use my 365 storytelling project to improve (using a strength to work on a weakness). 

This started off as a portrait shot of Baby F after church but when our dog (who has NO concept of personal space) photobombed, I ended up in love with the resulting image. 

Portraits and details are such important parts of storytelling and documentary photography! I owe it to myself and my clients to be able to incorporate these priceless photos into the galleries. 

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