Rectenwal Fresh 48 Session - South Bend Documentary and Storytelling Photographer

There's really nothing quite like a new baby. It figuratively represents so many things: the love of a family, a fresh start, a blank slate, absolute purity. But they also literally bring so much to the world! A whole new person who wouldn't even exist if not for the love of their parents. How special is that?

Baby Evie is the newest addition to the Rectenwal family and is already bringing smiles all around. One thing is for sure: there is NO shortage of love for this little girl. And not only does she get to start out in this world with two pretty awesome parents, but she is also blessed with a built-in buddy in her 16 month old big brother. (PS. There is a special place in heaven for parents of two under two...but two under 18 months? I think that's grounds for sainthood). I felt so lucky to get the chance to drive down to Indy to document the coming together of this little family and be a part of some serious Lolli and Evie bonding time. I cant wait to watch this little girl grow. 

So not only am I excited to have this post be my first "officially public" blog post, but also to debut a sample of the slideshows offered in Package B and C