Fischer Family Photography Session - South Bend Documentary Lifestyle and Storytelling Photographer

Letting someone into your life and your home is a big decision, even if only for a few hours. I try and keep this in mind as I am invited into clients' lives. Thankfully, the Fischer family welcomed me into their newly renovated farm house with open arms. I could not have asked for a better experience than with these three! Not only was their story and their environment perfectly awesome (I mean, a 1904 farm house that was gutted and totally updated in order to become the house of their dreams that they will raise their gorgeous little girl in?! This is the stuff photographers dream of) but this family was so natural and warm and just happy that it was a joy to be there with them. Between the dogs, cats, chickens, and one rotten rooster, this setting couldn't have been more rustic and charming. Throw in their big country kitchen sink and fireman PJ's and I was sold. I am so thankful to Jason, Kate, and Gentry for being such awesome models and for making my job that much easier.