BBP Storytelling/Documentary Photography - Family Reunion

There's something so heartwarming about a family that is spread out across the country that will stop their daily lives, pack up, and fly or drive crazy distances to get together once a year! I sat with my grandma this past weekend while we watched all of my crazy uncles and cousins create an epic whirlpool and couldn't hide how awesome it is that all of these people even exist because this amazing 87 year old woman sitting next to me fell in love a half century ago.

My family is not shy about having a good time and this year's reunion was no exception! It was so difficult to not just sit and photograph every minute of the entire weekend but I am working on forcing myself to click once and then, as hard as it is, set. the. camera. down. I don't ever want to regret missing out on the moments myself because I was stuck behind a lens. Baby F had a ton of fun, too. Need proof? Just check out all of the moments below! So many great stories to share with her when she's older (and some that I will purposely keep to myself haha).