Michiana Documentary Photographer - Personal Project: The Windy City

I like to concentrate my website and blog on client photos and let me tell you...that can be hard. You see, photography isn't just a "job" for me. It is a passion. I have firmly been converted into a believer in the priceless value of documenting both major and minor moments of my family's life. I know that in the years to come, I am going to love sitting down with Baby F and sharing these adventures with her that she's too young to remember. I will get all of the feels from these days and she will see how loved she was by so many people in her life!

This project is especially special to me because it includes the one, the only, grandma. None of us are guaranteed a tomorrow and being able to build memories with those around us is so, so invaluable. As a young girl, my mom and I would go to Chicago to look at the Christmas lights every year but as I got older and life happened, we stopped going. This year, I wanted to revive the tradition and throw in a third generation! And so, without further ado...I give you the first annual girl's only Chicago lights adventure: