Granger Indiana Birth, Fresh 48, and Newborn Photographer - The WHERE of Fresh 48's

Last week, I covered the WHAT of Fresh 48's. This week, lets talk about the WHERE...

The beauty of a Fresh 48 session is that it comes to you. Whatever type of birth you chose (or fate chose) to have, Fresh 48's can accommodate. Here are the three most common Fresh 48 locations and some details:

Hospitals - Many Fresh 48 sessions take place in the mother/baby unit of the hospital during visiting hours. This allows the photographer to capture many of those "firsts" that happen, like the first bath, first diaper change, first meeting of siblings or family. Don't think that because you are birthing in a hospital that the setting will somehow be cold or unappealing! They're actually almost always warm, welcoming, and comfortable for everyone involved.

Birth Centers - Some Fresh 48 sessions happen at a Birth Center. Somewhere between a hospital and a home birth, birth centers are usually low stress, calm and serene and offer a great setting for a Fresh 48. It also allows you to include the midwives or OB's who have played such a huge role in your pregnancy and now delivery since birth centers are focused on individualized care and relationships. Please remember though, many birth centers try and get you back to the comfort of your own home ASAP so plan accordingly for your photographer!

Home Births - For those who choose to have their babies at home, Fresh 48 sessions are absolutely still an option for you! You have the luxury of being in your own surroundings with your own comforts with a tiny newborn in your arms. This can make such a beautiful setting for your session and will absolutely melt your heart down the road.

Wherever your birth takes place, Fresh 48's are a great option to capture the memories that you are making with your brand new baby. 

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