south bend indiana engagement

Make your candid engagement session great


    • Think simple and comfortable (and wear comfy shoes).

    • Neutral colors are always a wonderful choice (except white...avoid white for these photos) and staying away from large patterns (like stripes or large polk dots) and logos is also ideal (unless the logos fit the theme of your session).

    • Be representative of your own style and make sure you're comfortable; feeling self conscious because of your clothes won't translate well into your photos.

    • Don't overdress for your location. Consider where your photos are being taken; if you are choosing to have rustic, outdoor photos then dress accordingly. If you are having a session downtown, choose clothes that fit the setting.

    • Be conscious of your nail polish color. Neutrals are best.

    • Cohesion is good - matching is not. While you don't want to demonstrate every color in the rainbow, you also don't want to have on the exact same colors as your partner. Check out this link for some great neutral color pallets.

    • Need a new outfit? E-sessions are a great reason to splurge on some new clothes. One amazing option you can take advantage of is Mishawaka Buckle's FREE personal shopper. Give them a call ahead of time and tell them your sizes and what you need and they will create great, cohesive outfits for both of you to come and try on.

    • Feel free to send me pics of your outfits ahead of time! I'm always happy to give any tips or a big thumbs up!


  • PROXIMITY IS KEY - This is probably the most important tip I can give: get close. The more that you cuddle, play, touch and kiss the better. The closer you are to each other physically during the session, the more natural the photos will look. So use this time to get all your good snuggles and hand holds in!


  • MOVE SLOWLY - There is nothing rushed about an engagement session. We aren't constrained by time, so don't rush through your interactions. Moving slowly really ensures that I can capture those perfect moments. So when you touch, touch softly. When you kiss, kiss slowly. When you walk, walk leisurely.


  • RELAX - Remember that during this session, I will do some posing and guiding, but mostly will document you two interacting. So just relax and enjoy each other's company. Go to dinner beforehand, have a drink, go for a walk. Do whatever makes you feel calm and relaxed.


  • HAVE FUN - This seems like it should be obvious but some couples need reminding! One of the best parts of candid engagement sessions is that you get to just be you. So have fun during the session. Joke, laugh, play. It all adds to the true and honest beauty of your relationship and comes out even better in the photos!


  • KEEP IN MIND - It may feel like you're not getting any good shots during the session because you're used to being posed...but don't stress! So many couples walk away unsure and then marvel at how beautifully their relationship is represented when they see their galleries. Just leave that part up to me ;)