Documentary wedding photography is a unique genre of photography that captures every laugh, smile, snuggle and embrace. It captures those priceless moments that mean so much yet often go unnoticed. It places the real as a priority over the ideal. It lets you be you and tells an honest story instead of a scripted one. I am a firm believer that the real beauty in this world lies in the candid, authentic moments. Whether its in wedding photography or life in general, I truly feel that real trumps ideal every. single. time




south bend and michiana wedding photographer captures bride and groom bonding and laughing


Your wedding day is your very own love story. From the hilarious moments that often happen while getting ready, to the first kiss, to the crazy celebration afterwards, your wedding day is filled with priceless moments that deserve to be captured. BBP strives to capture those organic moments that happen in-between the poses in order to help you remember every fun-packed memory for years to come. Wedding photos should be more than just a pretty pose; they should capture who you are as a couple! They should represent that first chapter of your very own happily ever after