All sessions include high resolution digital files delivered electronically within 15 business days.

“Docu” - Documentary Style; no posing

“Lifestyle” - Mostly candid; light posing with 1-3 look and smiles


A Day in the life (Docu)…

Your family changes, grows and evolves hour to hour. You blink, and  your daily routine suddenly changes. Capture your normal in a beautiful way and allow your future self and children a glimpse into their past. These sessions typically take place in-home and on location. 8-10 hours.



A GLIMPSE of THE LIFE (docu)...

Whether its a weekend morning or a bedtime routine, freezing time for these sweet, tender moments is a beautiful way to capture the beauty in the normal. These sessions can take place in-home or at a location or event of your choosing (beach trip, zoo, etc). 4 hours.



Family Session (lifestyle or docu)…

Taking away the pressure of posing and "say cheese," allows your family to relax and enjoy the experience and provides you with photos that reflect who they really are. These sessions typically take place in-home or on location. 1 hour.




  • Families with over 6 members - $50

  • Fusion film - $300

  • Wall art starts at $150

  • Albums start at $95