How to Have a Great Fresh 48 & Newborn Sessions



  • If labor starts off fairly slow, give me a quick text (574-780-2290) letting me know its nearly baby time. This gives me the chance to prepare childcare ahead of time and get the best chance of being totally available during any time slot.

  • Once baby arrives and everyone is calmed and bonded and somewhat recovered, call or text me to set up a time for your photos. (Sessions should happen during daylight hours to optimize natural light).

  • F48: Be sure to include your hospital name and your room number and that there are no procedures scheduled too close to the time of your photos (nurse checks are fine, but major procedures should be given at least a 2 hour spacing from photos).

  • F48: If this is a sibling meet session, you will want me to arrive about 30 minutes before your other kiddos. This allows me to get portraits of baby and baby with you and your partner before the chaos of siblings starts. The last 30 minutes will be spent on all of the wonderful sibling bonding (or tears - don’t be surprised or bummed if your big sister or brother isn’t super excited at first. That’s ok! Those pictures are equally as fun to have).


  • Keep in mind that a large portion of this isn’t your typical “say cheese” session. There will be minimal posing and direction; the goal of this session is to capture the candid, honest moments you and your new family share. Think of me as a talkative fly-on-the-wall who happens to have a camera.

  • Don’t stress over the camera! (Easier said than done, I know). But really, the more you ignore the camera and just interact with your family, the better your images will turn out. It may seem counterintuitive but trust me, my favorite images and sessions were with the families who just “did their thing.”

  • Avoid clothing with large, distracting graphics or patterns. Think solids and simple. As for baby, simple and neutral is also best. Cute bows or caps are totally fine, too, but don’t plan on too many outfit changes as this just annoys baby and feels more unnatural to the session. Matching mother baby outfits are also not ideal as baby tends to blend in with mom when being held; complimentary color pallets are totally fine though! We will also do some “down to the diaper” photos as well, because we want to preserve all that perfect newness.

  • Physical proximity is key! The closer you and your family are physically, the better your images will be. Try and keep this in mind as you interact with one another. This session is the perfect opportunity to love on your baby and partner!

  • If other siblings are included, keep in mind that young kids love cameras so don't scold them or redirect when (not if, when) they ask to see a photo that I just took. I'm happy to pause and share it with them! In fact, it makes them even more excited to keep going for the session.

  • Try and have the area closest to the window and the bed clear of clutter (F48). If the session is in your home, simply have the area you are most likely to spend the majority of your session in picked up but DO NOT stress over a spotless home; it rarely distracts from an image.